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03-06-2007, 02:09 PM
From CNNMoney


A Choice Quote or Two:

"The NCAA tournament is a financial boon for broadcasting company CBS (Charts), which has the exclusive rights to air March Madness games on television. According to figures from advertising research firm TNS Media Intelligence, TV ad spending during this year's tournament is expected to surpass $500 million, a record high."

"Still, despite the improvements, Snyder said people who wait to the last minute to register for the service could wind up waiting a little bit for a game to stream. Snyder said CBS has made 400,000 VIP passes available, up from 250,000 last year, and that users have already registered for about half of them.

"The fact that it's a scarce resource is not a bad thing. We would prefer to serve everybody but it is not fiscally or technically responsible to do so," he said.

The technical issues don't appear to be having an impact on advertisers though. Last year, about 20 companies agreed to advertise on the March Madness on Demand product. This year, Snyder said there are more than 30 advertisers."