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03-06-2007, 03:41 AM
Hey guys, just got back from Portland for the weekend, thought I'd give you all something to read when you awaken a few short hours from now.

A GREAT weekend for the Zags, we were very well represented all weekend. Portland fans and students were great all weekend, opening their houses for us to sleep and party at. A great college atmosphere with camaraderie. At on point Saturday night I look around in this house and I see GU, UP, SCU, SMC, USF kids everywhere. No fights, no conflicts just a bunch of kids having a good time. That's what college is all about and it was great.

Sunday's game was a blast, the team played as well as I've seen them in a while. Make some free throws and I'm happier but you can't get everything you want...
After the game both the Gael Force AND the Ruff Riders try starting problems with the Kennel Club which obviously isn't wise as we are 200+ strong and they have like 20 max. But we were the more mature (and sober) of the groups and avoided the conflict.
After the game was more conference bonding, no more problems just a good time being had by all.
Monday I was hanging out with some UP kids around campus, and kept hearing that the UP library was PACKED with GU kids studying for midterms (which started Monday, by the way!)

Tonight's game was amazing, our guys played their hearts out. Definitely wanted to make a statement to SCU that this is OUR league and while they may have been the ones to choke away the reg. season AND to beat us at home, that we still own this league for another year.
After the game with the trophy presentation, I've NEVER seen a GU team that well bonded together. Hugs all over the place, huge smiles on everyone's faces. Even better than last year. These guys KNOW what they've done and that EVERY single one of them was needed to do what they've done this year.

Enough of my ramblings, here's my stats from this weekend (sorry I haven't been good about getting these done this year. Pretty busy with school. Time tonight because I drank waaaaaaaay too much mt dew on the drive to be able to sleep. OOPS!)

Offensive Efficiency
GU 125.5 (WOW) USD 97.5

Offensive Rebound %age
GU 50 (WOW again!) USD 28.9

GU 52.4 USD 39.3

TO %
GU 12.8 USD 18.1

GU 34.9 USD 46.4

GU 1.8 USD .8

Assist %
GU 53 USD 61

Offensive Efficiency
GU 118.1 SCU 100.8

Offensive Rebound %age
GU 32.3 (WOW again!) SCU 38.5

GU 50.9 USD 44.2

TO %
GU 9.2 USD 17.8

GU 38.2 USD 25.0

GU 2.5 USD 1.2

Assist %
GU 60.0 USD 63.6

A GREAT weekend for the Zags. If we play this well starting March 15th (and make some friggin' free throws) we are a threat to ANY team in this country (quote me on that, it's the TRUTH)!


03-06-2007, 09:33 AM
Thanks for the report.

Even w/ the poor FT shooting, GU put up some good numbers the past two days. I agree, fix the FTs and anything can happen...

oh, 1 last thing - no SoCal students?

03-06-2007, 09:59 AM
I, too, found this weekend to be amazing.

A few thoughts/rambles:

Being a SW Washington guy, I really only see the Zags in Portland. I've always wondered what the atmosphere of a home game at the Kennel would be like. Well, I don't think I'll ever get the true feeling until I see a game in Spokane, but last night certainly had a home game feel. The crowd was so intense, at certain points, the Chiles Center was deafening, and I know it must have felt great for a team who is technically "on the road" to have such an outpour of support. The players were great, very receptive to "good lucks" and handshakes before the game. Perhaps the most impressive thing for me was the showing by GU Students - I am very impressed. You all did your school - and your team - proud.

The end of last night's game was great. We were allowed to go out and congratulate the players after they took the net down (by the way, they made Foster stand on the ladder for "safety reasons" while he cut the first net strings, even though he started doing it flat-footed....how much safer can you be then on solid ground???) and the players enjoyed the reception from the fans.

This was a great example of Zag Nation and the effects it has had on SW Washington. As someone said before, it's a great time to be a fan.

03-06-2007, 10:06 AM
(by the way, they made Foster stand on the ladder for "safety reasons" while he cut the first net strings, even though he started doing it flat-footed....how much safer can you be then on solid ground???)
I wish I'd seen this!

03-06-2007, 10:10 AM
It was classic, and the worst part is -- you're going to hate me -- I took a picture that was blocked by someone's hand...they raised it just as he started to take it.

I have some other pictures from this weekend (nothing out of the ordinary, though there is a good shot of Few and Dickau together), is there a way I can put them somewhere where people can view them? I think I've seen this done before.

03-06-2007, 12:36 PM
It was quite a moment with big Will standing flatfooted with the scissors pretty much touching the rim to cut his piece of the net. Guy is HUUUUUUGE!!!

I will agree with GP that the Chiles Center was ROCKING this weekend for the GU games. Our fans packed those seats and they were loud, it was a great show. Even with minimal KC on hand, we were loud and the alumni in attendance really stepped up to make it a GREAT home court advantage.

Lothar, I think there were about 30 ruff riders there, 10 or so gael force, 6 los locos, 0 waveriders, 0 torreros (not even sure what they are), 0 lions. UP had a decent showing, but when they were down huge at halftime many left.

03-06-2007, 01:03 PM
My postgame routine is never complete until I've read your stats and your personal observations on the game. It's just a nice blend of steely-eyed analysis, coupled with a personal experience of the game and the attendant pre- and post-game rituals. How many more years will we have the benefit of BDS as student bball analyist at GU?

03-06-2007, 01:11 PM
One more year as a student, hopefully many more as an attending alumni!