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04-12-2008, 09:03 PM
Twenty miles north of GU and I still have some left over snow in a few shady areas. Ugh!:mad: Perhaps it will all be gone tomorrow.:) I did some yard work but the ground is too wet to burn very well.

On the basketball side, I got out one of my basketball goals and cleaned it up so it'll be ready for some hoops. I have a 94' X 50' outdoor court w/lighting. I built it for the family 15 years ago. When I had three kids in high school, we would do BBQ's and have "midnight" basketball during the HOT days. Lots of teens and parents would come. You can see the court LIT-UP from the top of Mt. Spokane. With a pair of binoculars the court looked a little like the "Field of Dreams". We would play until we dropped. Neighbors are distant but we always invited them,..some had kids here. Once we had a county sheriff come down the driveway. No complaint, just drove by and saw the crowd, looked like fun so he wanted to check it out. He said it was great that someone would organize summer fun for teens and have plenty of adults around. On HOT afternoons we would sometimes play with sturdy water balloons for basketballs...not so much scoring but aaaaaa so refreshing. My kids are all grown up now and scattered all over the northwest. I really miss those days. I love and miss my kids. :mecry:

I read where the Jack Blair Memorial is on May 29, 2008 at University High, probably at 7:30 PM. I understand the Region team is out to beat the Metro team this year.....for the first time....we'll see.:)

04-12-2008, 09:14 PM
Good for you Oldsport. Love what you are doing for the youth of your area.

Basketball is great for so many reasons. How many lives across the nation have been turned toward a good path because of it? A great venue to "connect" with youth.

Bravo Oldsport

04-13-2008, 01:21 AM
In fact, the best day of the year so far for the Greater Seattle area (as you may tell by this late response to your thread. Been busy staining the fence with my wife and two daughters).

Oldsport, you choked me up. Having three children of my own (now 31, 29 and 24), your thread brought back great memories of their high school days at Eastside Catholic... (a small school in Bellevue, WA..... but a close community, even through the summer months) and all the activities with the kids and their parents.

What a wonderful thing for you.... first, to have the opportunity to do it, and second, actually follow through with it and do it. I'm sure the memories will live long with every one of those kids that were able to experience what you provided for them.

Gees, I miss Spokane summers. :( Adam said it best, "Nothing is better than Summertime in the 509!!" :)