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03-26-2008, 08:44 AM
----Running Total of GUnits on The Season----


Montana- Daye (11 votes)

Idaho- LG (8 votes)

UC Riverside- Kuso (6 votes)

Western Kentucky- Downs (6 votes)

Texas Tech- NO GUnits for a loss

Virginia Tech- Kuso (12 votes)

St. Joe's- Bouldin in a landslide (25 votes)

UConn- Bouldin (CLOSE ONE! Bouldin had 17, Downs had 14, Pargo had 12 and Sacre 7 votes! That's amazing to have that many guys have such big games! Lets keep that up!)

WSU- NO GUnits for a loss

Riverside- Downs (Most lopsided vote of the season! Downs with 30 votes, Bouldin was in 2nd place with about 5!)

Northern Colorado- Downs --For the 2nd game in a row! This was really close! Downs with 24 votes, Gray with 18. And thats with Downs getting like 4 of the last 5 votes, so...pretty cool.

Oklahoma- Ugh...

Tennessee- *sigh*....

Utah- The Bouldergiest in a close vote! (MB with 17 votes, Josh racked up 12).

Georgia- The Bouldergiest, haunting opponents from inside your TV. MB with 25 votes, Pargo is second place with 8. Bouldin is looking like the most consistent GUnit we've got as of right now.

Loyola Marymount- Moldy Bouldy --- I just made up that new nickname for Matt. He's moldy because its getting really really OLD that he is the GUnit every game...haha, get it? Moldy Bouldy...? eh...ya, I know, that sucks. Oh well, haha. Anyways, The Bouldergiest returns as the GUnit with 21 votes, Josh was in a distant 2nd place with 8 votes. 3 in a row for Matty! Keep it up!!

Pepperdine- Austin Daye was the GUnit against Pepperdine. The votes were pretty spread out though, you've got to love seeing that. Austin wins with 30 votes, and Bouldin racks up 11. Honorable mention- Sorenson with 1 vote! :-)

San Diego- PENDO! Wowsers, Pendo gets his first GUnit of the Game for this season, and he does it in style with the most votes for any player yet, 32 votes! Downs still managed to rack up 13. Way to go Big Red! Bia Bia!

USF- GRAY gets his first GUnit, and does it in fashion--- 40 votes!!! Austin Daye comes flying in at second place with 2...haha. My feeling is this is the first of many for Gray...

Memphis- No GUnit for a loss, but it is worth mentioning that Former1 started an "honarary GUnit" thread and Pargo was voted as the Honorary GUnit. He played a great and very gutsy game.

Portland- PENDO takes this one home with 31 votes, Daye managed to rack up 17. That's alot of votes for the 2nd place guy. Downs rounded out 3rd place with 7 votes.

Santa Clara- You know what...the voting was seperated by 1, maybe 2 votes, and there were MANY votes for Co-Gunits...so I'm going to give the first ever CO-GUnit out to Mr. Gray Daye (Gray gets his name in first, since he had the extra vote). I could not agree more with everyone that while Daye played phenominal...he would not have even had the chance to play phenominal had Gray not hit those two free throws. The future's so bright...I gotta wear shades... Oh, and honorable mention goes to Angley with 5 votes.

St. Mary's- No GUnit for a loss. (Revenge comes March 1)

Pepperdine- Yowsos! A new notch for total votes, PARGO racks up 40! Why does that not surprise me?? He is playing phenominal right now. Micah was in a distant 2nd with 5 votes. Micah played great too, so you know Pargo played out of his mind to dominate the voting so much. This will NOT be Pargo's last GUnit...

LMU- I must be pyschic, PARGO takes his 2nd GUnit in a row, this time with 31 votes. Just this once...we are going to name an honarary GUnit for this game. (This is a higher feat than an 'honorable mention'. Being an honarary winner is really, really cool. Kinda like being the honarary coin flip guy in the super bowl. You're not as cool as the ACTUAL coin flip guy, the referee, but you get to stand there and be special and get recognition for a few minutes). Anyways, the once and only award for honarary GUnit goes to Andrew Sorenson. He is the "Rudy" of Gonzaga. If you didn't smile and get chills when he nailed that three...then there's something wrong with you! Oh, and Sorenson got a VERY respectable 14 votes! But great job Pargo, 2 in a row!

USF- Easily the most lopsided vote of the season! PENDO!!! Pendo got a whopping 41 votes, and I was tied with Sorenson in 2nd place with 1 vote a piece. But anyways... 41 votes to 1!!! Wow! I bet this isn't his last!

USD- Bia Bia!!! Once again, I show my pyschicness! Pendo with his 2nd GUnit in a row!!! This one was MUCH closer. Pendo had a total of 26 votes, and the Kuso finished with 20. The Bouldergiest had a respectable 7. NOTE---Pendo got his first GUnit of the season the last time we played USD! He does well against them.

Portland- How do you spell "New High for Total votes for GUnit"? Well...I believe it's spelled P-A-R-G-O!!! 44 votes!!! Josh brings up the tail with 6 votes, although he was mentioned as Honorable mention in atleast 75% of the posts, great game for him. Josh will have his day, but THIS day was P-to the Argo's. Bia Bia!

St. Mary's- Wowsers...most votes a GUnit thread has ever had, and they were spread out all over the place. The GUnit of the game was Mr. Bouldin!. He had a total of 40 votes!!! But get this, in a tie for 2nd place with 15 votes a piece...was Jeremy Pargo and THE TEAM! I think its absolutely incredible that the TEAM got 20 votes...probably one of the biggest statements of the season if you ask me...HONORABLE MENTION TO THE TEAM!!!! Now lets wrap up this conference season with a win over Santa Clara.

Santa Clara- With a total of 21 votes.....PENDUSO! This was a fantastic all-around game for the zags, and it looks like the posters on the board wanted to award the seniors for their efforts, because otherwise the votes would have been spread out between atleast 4-5 players. Gray picked up second place with 18 votes, and Downs tallied 5. Zags are playing excellent basketball right now, lets carry that into the conference tourney! Bia Bia!

USD- No GUnit for a loss...

Davidson- Tough loss...good season zags...

TOTAL FOR THE SEASON-------------------------
Bouldin- 6
Pendo- 5
Pargo- 3
Daye- 3
Kuso- 3
Downs- 3
Gray- 2
LG- 1

GUnit of The Season-
An extremely lopsided vote...for JEREMY PARGO.