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03-24-2008, 07:36 AM
I know this could be taken in a bad way but I put it out to the board. What if next year Matt came off the bench in a Manu type role. I think that he could give a rest to pargo and gray. I think that Matt needs to play more PG instead of SG and that is why he is so inconsistant. Playing out of position for a player can really change their game. I think that Ravio felt it when he played the 2 in the same way. If he came off the banch he could bring the energy and play in his natural position PG. He could create shots for others and really put himself in the flow of his game. Could be interesting?

03-24-2008, 08:15 AM
I don't think Matt can play the point though. He just isn't fast enough and this year he threw way too many balls away. That said, I would love to see him come off the bench still, because I think Grey is possibly a better natural shooter then him. I love the fact that Matt can get nasty in the paint, but if we are lacking a "true" 5 (though I think Sacre is going to be HUGE next year) then Matt is going to be down there alot with close help from some of the big bodies in the WCC and he isn't going to post those guys up. He needs to find his stroke once again, and I think Grey showed that he is a better fit at the 2 all season. My biggest fear is we play the Bouldin, Grey, Pargo line-up alot next year, that pushes Matt to be the 3, where he just isn't capable of ablely defending the other teams 3 for significant minutes. I think Few is going to have to think long and hard this summer to decide how his offense line-up is going to look....

03-24-2008, 08:24 AM
It seems that people are confused (myself included) as to what Matt's position on the court is. I have always thought of him as a 3, maybe a 2, but never a point guard. He has more of a scorer's mentality than the pass-first mentality of a point guard imo. I would be interested to see what everyone else thinks. I think Matt will be a great player, keeping in mind that he was only a sophomore this year.

03-24-2008, 08:27 AM
a notorious flopper?

03-24-2008, 11:19 AM
Matt's position was always a question of mine as well. 1,2, or 3?

I would like to see Matt playing only the 2 next year, switching on and off with Gray. He just doesn't quite have the ball handling skills for a 1, and isn't effective enough as a 3. At times he was great at this position and he was able to effectively post up the other teams 2, this is something I hope we do much more next season. It seemed like Matt posted up a lot in the beginning of the season and then we stopped using that advantage halfway through.

I still think Matty B will shine in his remaining two years at Gonzaga. I hope that this year he stays in Spokane and works on his game. I think last years trip with the USA team was beneficial but maybe not quite as beneficial as staying home with our coaches might have been.

zag buddy
03-24-2008, 11:55 AM
He should progress very nicely from his sophomore year to his junior year. I think we are all in for a treat with the experience he has gained through his first two years.

Law Zag In Training
03-24-2008, 11:57 AM
Matt Bouldin is a Combo-Guard. He does not fall into a clear position, nor should you try to fit him into one. Kind of like forcing a square peg into a circular hole. Many of his gifts can also be a curse in the wrong situations, which is why I think so many people get so frustrated with him.

He was regarded as one of the best passers in NCAA basketball (by our staff and my NBA scouts) but lacks the ball handling to be a pure PG so he can't always take advantage of his ability since he is not in the main position to facilitate the offense. His size can be a great tool when he is rebounding or posting up smaller guards when he is playing the PG/SG position, but he can be may have a more difficult time D-ing up quicker players from that position. His versatility is helpful in that Few can run 3 guard line-ups to help speed up the game etc., but when he is pushed to the SF position he may find himself outsized on the defensive end.

Matt Bouldin is what he is, a versatile, talented but frustrating player. He does not fall soundly within 1 position (although he does seem to best fit the 2) and MB cannot control how Mark Few will utilize him. All we can ask from Bouldin is consistent effort and to continually work on things he can control such as his overall decision making with the ball and more consistent long range shooting.

Edited: I noticed I put CB in the title instead of CG... my bad.

03-24-2008, 12:07 PM
Matt needs to make his shooting more consistent and learn to move his feet so he can play defense better. And it would be good to get some development drills in ball handling.
Other than those things, he'll be fine:)

03-24-2008, 12:19 PM
Matt has shown a lot of potential to be a great passer. Unfortunately for him, our PG is Pargo, so he hasn't been able to utilize his passing skills so much. I personally don't understand why everyone thinks you need a super speedy guy to be your PG. I think Matt should play some PG next year (except when we are going against a tough press), and some 2. Hopefully he will have better luck feeding guys in the paint that Pargo has shown (and I love Pargo, but he just doesn't do a great job feeding the ball down low). He does not thrive at the 3 position though, as we've seen, plus we've got great players who can play 3, like Downs (and maybe LG could play some here with his skills?), so I hope we don't continue to see a ton of Pargo/Gray/Bouldin on the floor at the same time as much next year, even if they are 3 of our best 5 players.

03-24-2008, 12:37 PM
I really dont think he is as good as everyone makes him out to be. I thought people were joking when they told me he is known as "the golden child" because Few never takes him off the floor. I didnt see him play much last year, but was not impressed this year.

03-24-2008, 01:08 PM
We are going to see a lot of the 3 guard combo of Pargo, Gray and Bouldin next year. Few is very loyal to his horses, and he rode these 3 all year this year and I have no reason so suspect he will change things up next year. Next year we will be loaded in the guard department and thin up front (hopefully Sacre and Foster can develop to support Heytvelt and Daye who I anticipate will log a lot of minutes). In addition to the aforementioned threesome, we will have Downs, LG, Brown, Goodsen and Gibbs fighting for the scrap minutes. I think you can expect to see the "big three" logging 30-35minutes a game, so barring injury, playing time is going to be hard to find for the other guards. I'm guessing Gibbs is going to redshirt next year, with Goodsen getting some experience at the PG position for the 09/10 season when he will likely be the starting PG.

Matt is going to be an interesting decision for Few next year. He does not have the ball handling ability nor the quickness to be a PG. He could be a 2, but Gray is a better fit at that position. He's too slow to match up against the quality 3's the Zags will face in their non-conference schedule. My thoughts....2 options:

Focus on conditioning this offseason and try to gain some quickness by losing 10-15 pounds; or

Go the opposite way and continue to put on more size and look to become more of a post presence. I'm really impressed with San Diego's Rob Jones, and he's listed at 6'6 240. Bouldin could use his size and spend some more time in the paint where he was very effective this year.

03-24-2008, 06:24 PM
Matt as the PG? considering most of his Tos come when hes dribbling the ball up court and/or making decisions with the ball i doubt it. stick him at the 2, period. the 3 makes him smaller and his skills evaporate. play him at the 1 and he has too much responsibility in taking care of the ball and cant shoot enough. the 2 is perfect becuase he can post up the smaller guard, or rain 3s. what matt needs more than to play at the 1,2, or 3 is confidence and attitude 24/7. he is so hot and cold, and i really think his game suffers when he thinks about what hes doing. shoot when your open, drive to the hoop aggresively, and play focused for 40 minutes and matt will be just fine.

03-24-2008, 06:26 PM
Think he will play the next 60-70 games in his current roll...get used to it...