View Full Version : Plus/Minus for Davidson game

03-21-2008, 09:34 PM
Here is the plus/minus for the game today.

Pendo Minutes 17 Totals 6
Sacre Minutes 3 Totals 4
Pargo Minutes 38 Totals 1
Downs Minutes 7 Totals 1
Kuso Minutes 13 Totals -3
Gurganious Minutes 7 Totals -5
Gray Minutes 35 Totals -6
Heytvelt Minutes 26 Totals -8
Bouldin Minutes 26 Totals -10
Daye Minutes 22 Totals -10

Downs' limited minutes are the only thing I'm still truly scratching my head about.

03-21-2008, 09:47 PM
That is what I love about this stat, it is counter-intuitive often, but still tells some type of powerful truth, IMO

Daye and Bouldin the stat goes along with obvious impressions
Pendo, Sacre, and even Pargo does not go along with obvious impressions

My biggest thought is that Austin had a bad night, and if he had just made 5 of 13 instead of 3 of 13 we would have been ahead by 5 points with 1 minute to go

I feel bad for the kid, it was his chance to become our go to guy, we've all been clamoring for him to get more PT and a bigger role, and he did, and he dropped the ball on himself and us

too bad - not the coach's fault at all !!