View Full Version : Report from the L'ville - G'town game

03-09-2008, 08:58 AM
I got to go to the Verizon Center and watch this great game yesterday (from a very nice suite I might add :) )

Thank goodness it was Senior Game. The Metro line was out going up to the Verizon Center so I had to walk about a 1/2 a mile in the rain, but got there just a minute or so after tipoff.

I really wanted to watch and compare Hibbard and Padgett so I focused on them much of the game (as well as the Heinekens). Neither of them did much at all in the first half with Hibbard looking sluggish and not getting a point until just before half time.

Padgett looked to be more athletic and quicker to the perimeter on defense, but he really wasn't having much impact either.

Second half was quite different for Hibbard. He started out early with a nice move to back Padgett down into the paint and then dropped a nice 10 ft jump hook. Hibbard really took control of the middle for several stretches, altering shots, getting blocks and causing problems for L'ville defensively. He had a very nice block out to a guard (Freeman if I recollect) for two at the other end.

Overall, Hibbard got the best of the matchup and really impacted the outcome even though he did get shut down for stretches and had some lapses (letting a guard shoot over him without putting his hands up).

Great game to watch, though.