View Full Version : Here's to Josh H. and Mr. Kuso

03-03-2008, 02:50 PM
There have been some unkind words spoken on this forum about Josh H. and Kuso this year - by me and by others. Obviously Josh struggled early, and Kuso missed enough 6 inch jump shots in December and January to make me cry like a baby. But for my money, the last two games that Josh and Kuso have played demonstrate their best form, both as athletes and as serious Division I competitors. If GU is going to to deep into the NCAA tournament, we will need Josh and Kuso to play their best. I would like to tip my hat to these gentlemen, and wish them the best of luck.

03-03-2008, 05:41 PM
There have been lots of pats on the back and criticisms for ALL OF THE PLAYERS on this board. I think that's what boards are about. Just expressing ourselves. I can't really think of anyone who hasn't been criticized who's in the top 8 rotation.

When I think about Josh and Kuso I think of two guys who have really improved this year. Guys who have struggled and looked horrible at times. But neither have given up. As for the GU fans, and imparticular those who blog here, imo, fans have really supported both these guys overall. We bloggers have supported them to hang in there and keep making baby steps. I think all fans appreciate the depth in the souls of both of these guys for different reasons, but (you are right) in ways this has been a challenging season for them both, and both have handled those challenges. Kuso, because of Josh's injury and bronchitis, had to have a much larger role on this team then I think he, the coaches and fans thought he would have. And man, did he ever stand up to the challenge. And I say the same for Josh. These,
like all of them this year, are stellar examples of what it is to be a Zag.