View Full Version : Mich State Sr. Night

03-03-2008, 11:28 AM
Anybody else watch the Spartans dismantle the Hoosiers?

With the game well in hand, after Izzo spread the minutes as much as he could, he got Nietzel and Naymick back in the game.

D. Nie hit a three with over four minutes left, and I thought Izzo would pull him at that point. (too early probably ...)

Then D. Nay got a block ... Izzo knew that was the perfect time to pull him for the standing O. And as he left the court, stopped to kiss the "S" at midcourt. (Brought back some teary GU memories for me).

And then they freakin' cut away before showing D. Nie's exit :mad: . I did see later on highlights, that he also kissed the S. Did anybody catch if he had another "Nietzel" moment just before that ... ?

I guess I still feel a certain affinity for the Spartans, both for Izzo's program, as well as that great game in Maui - which amazingly enough, both Drews were in that game as well.

Tonight's going to be a tough one ....