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02-28-2008, 12:07 PM
The experience factor, imo, from this point forward, is what Few needs to rely on. That means more of Josh, Kuso, Pendo, Pargo, Matt, Downs and even LG. I do not see the Freshmen gelling with the Zags at this point, and when they are in the team appears to suffer (chemistry is not good). Daye has also been inconsistent lately, and Gray has disappeared. What is Few going to do? Will he begin to make changes in playing time based on experience of the players? The pressure will NOW become very intense. Can the Freshmen handle it?

02-28-2008, 12:18 PM
Reborn...not sure I agree with you on the Freshman fading out....even thought they've had a troublesome period of time. Even if they new faces sat out though, the 7 guys you list do make me smile. That's an amazing collection of seasoned veterans....moreso if Josh is finally able to make his move. Freshman are usually built to "fill in" anyway.

I think you've defined the core of this team....and I like it.

02-28-2008, 03:32 PM
Thanks, MDAbe for helping in the clarification. I certainly didn't mean to imply that Gray and Daye wouldn't play. They'd certainly come off the bench and play as much as their play in that specific game suggests that they are contributing. I believe they have hurt the Zags in the last two games with poor shooting. And Like I've been saying, shooting right now is what this team needs.

I did a little research on the statistics this year and Downs' do not look good, 44 compared to 23 by Gray (and they're basically getting about the same minutes). That's a very alarming statistic. Gray really does not turn the ball over much, and could be why he's playing so much. But he also does not get too many assists. For a non-scorer to not get assists is a little odd to me. Maybe it's his defense?

02-28-2008, 03:42 PM
Reborn...while I understand where you are coming from in your post, I dont think that 3 weeks before the NCAA tournament is the time for Few to start altering playing time and rotation. I certainly wouldn't say that Austin has been struggling the last two games either, in fact against San Diego I think many of us were confused why he was not on the court more, as he was shooting the ball very well and was one of our best offensive players. Im really not to worried if he didnt play great against Portland, as the team as a whole was lethargic.

Secondly, I wouldnt say that the 7 players you mention truly provide lots of experience. Matt, Micah, LG, and Kuso have all played in this system one more year then the freshman you mention ( I dont count LG for last season since he redshirted). Its not about experience at this point, its about putting the team with the best chance on the court to win, and Austin and Steven provide this team with the best chance.

02-28-2008, 03:56 PM
I understand your sentiments, theothegreat, but obviously I disagree who those guys are. The best team I've seen on the court lately (and that's what counts right now) is Josh, Pargo, Matt, Micah and Pendo. They were electric in the last ten minutes of the Portland game. They also played together in the San Diego game, and, imo, and played witht the chemistry that is needed so badly right now. I believe these are the guys that will be our inner strength, and that Austin and Steven will provide great help off the bench. If either of them shows that they are going to have good shooting nights, then I think they should get longer stretches on the court. But, I've seen enough lately, to have some doubts about them, and especially Steven.

02-28-2008, 04:26 PM
I understand that they may have played well in the last 10 minutes of Portland, but Im not ready to base playing time on how anyone played against Portland.

I disagree with you slightly on Steven, because I feel that Steven's greatest contribution at this point in the season comes as an on-ball defender. The job he did guarding Brandon Johnson of San Diego was outstanding, the only 2 shots he made were prayers at the end of the shot clock. I think what we have seen from him these last couple of weeks is the freshman wall, that he is hitting later due to his injury. Just like Austin did, I think Steven will move past this and re-gain that shooting confidence we saw early in the year.

Second, although I do love what Matt brings to the table when he is playing well, but as has been discussed numerous times, he really isnt bringing much to the table as of right now. He settles for needless 3 pt shots and is a below average on ball defender. If Matt can rekindle what he had going in December and early January then of course he should be on the court, but right now its beyond frustrating watching him with the ball.

I still think with the WCC championship on the line on Saturday, in crunch time, I want Pargo, Bouldin, Gray, Daye, and Heytvelt.

Just A Zag
02-28-2008, 04:50 PM
The best team I've seen on the court lately (and that's what counts right now) is Josh, Pargo, Matt, Micah and Pendo. They were electric in the last ten minutes of the Portland game. They also played together in the San Diego game, and, imo, and played witht the chemistry that is needed so badly right now.

Matt has been electric lately? I agree with everything you are saying but has Matt been electric? I think Gray, even though he has been pretty cold as of late, hasn't had such a negative effect on the game that Matt has.

02-29-2008, 09:48 AM
Matt does seem to play much better with this group of guys. You will notice how much better matt plays in the 2nd half, and that's usually when Few has this team in the game together. I guess he saves the best for last.

02-29-2008, 02:38 PM
I also think like Reborn that Matt plays better in the second half when he is with Pendo, Josh, Micah and Pargo. I think that all of them do because again they are more comfortable with each other and what to expect. Therefore they play more reactive both on defense and in the passing set. Like has been stated many times, that offense is hard to learn. The reason is how you should react when overplayed and they are not letting you play your game. Each of these players have been together long enough to all recognize what they should be doing and do it. Therefore there are more "broken offense" scores through backdoors and those types of plays.

Also when you have that lineup, Matt is playing more of a 2 against a smaller person. This allows him to see the floor more and also post up.

But again, Austin and Steven each are great contributers and as the season has gone on, I think all of us have seen how they are getting more relaxed in the offense. Like all of us have heard/said before, this team is so deep that it gives the coaches flexiblity to find the right matchups for us that will produce the win. Also do not forget Kuso in that set, because again he brings a different set of attributes to this team.