View Full Version : How close should a game be called?

02-20-2008, 11:26 AM
IMHO just close enough to keep control and with consistancy. In other words let the players decide the game. When I was officating, it was always on my mind that I did not want to decide a game with a call that was in the least questionable. Many charging calls could go either way and are made by the off official who is unable to see if the defender had established his position, if he allowed the offensive player room to finish his move, and conversely was the guy with the ball in control and making a legitimate scoring attempt or just wildly trying to blow past the defense at all cost? In rebounding position is the key. Was position gained by pushing off, was the rebound grabbed over the back of a player who established his right to the ball? And were more than the usual elbows thrown in bringing down the ball?
How many bigs does one see camping in the lane and a three second call is rarely made? How may traveling and palming the ball violations occur while we are admiring the high flyers? And look at the amount of hand checking that some players get away with? Officating basketball is a difficult job, and I believe that the best officials keep their calls consistant and within the flow of the game. At times the best call is no call at all. What do you think?

02-20-2008, 11:30 AM
I just want the game called with consistency for both sides. It is up to the players to adjust if the game is being called tight or not.

02-20-2008, 12:34 PM
I'm growing more and more frustrated with the style of officiating we see in WCC games. For some reason (maybe Libby's ego part of the time), they are all called so tightly. It's not like the teams play overly aggressive and the refs are forced to control the game. The way the games are being officiated is only going to hurt the Zags and St. Mary's come tournament time.

Anyone watch the Battle in Seattle? Tennessee was able to slap at the ball and hand check the whole game and GU was never able to adjust to the SEC refs' style. That's the way the games are going to be officiated in the tournament, so why not have our conference reflect that? The referees need to start letting things go a little more. The teams will be able to get into a flow and the games will be more fun to watch as a result.

The game on Monday was one of the more boring games I've seen this year and it couldn't have done anything for raising the perception of the WCC in front of a national audience. Sure, there was hard-nosed defense, but it could have been a more entertaining game if the refs weren't blowing their whistles every time down the court. I know, everyone says the players need to adjust to how the game is being called, but why can't the refs adjust to the way the game is being played? As long as it's not getting out of control, of course.